THIS Is What It Will Take For Raj Koothrappali To Find Love On TBBT


“You know, Penny and I aren’t the only ones who have broken up,” said Leonard Hofstadter. In the latest The Big Bang Theory, the gang has a few flashbacks that remind us of break-ups with the various couples, except for Raj Koothrappali.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

In addition to the “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” and the “Comic-Con Dump-a-thon” from Leonard and Penny, Howard and Bernadette have also had their ups and downs. Then again, so have Amy and Sheldon.

“Not to brag, but all of my break-ups have lasted,” confirmed Raj Koothrappai, proving everyone is the best at something.

Raj Koothrappali Masters This Unwanted “Skill”

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

In reality, Raj Koothrappali’s “skill” is one that he wishes he wasn’t the best at. In the moment, the joke is funny, but we all know that Raj really wants to find love in the near future.

In his last relationship, Ruchi didn’t really see eye-to-eye with her man. Not only was she willing to double-cross Bernadette, but she never truly believed in love in the first place.

For Raj, this should have been a deal breaker.

Looking For Love On The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Over the years, Raj Koothrappali has had some interesting girlfriends. One girl wanted him to sleep with her in a graveyard. Another one bailed on him while they were out to dinner by climbing out a window.

Raj has also screwed up plenty of his own relationships. Not long ago, it seemed like he had a promising date with one of the University cleaners, but he ended up embarrassing her because he hid her profession from his friends.

In order for Raj to find love, he’s going to have to meet the next girl in the middle. While we would love to see him meet someone who loves rom-coms, comic-cons, his puppy Cinnamon, and more, that might not be a possibility.

Raj is going to have to back off a little bit before he shows all of his quirky features. That way, the couple can grow together and the new girlfriend can learn the true Raj as they start to fall in love.

Do you think Raj Koothrappali will find love in Season 11 of The Big Bang Theory?