What Ruchi Said Might Destroy Raj Koothrappali New Relationship If He…


“I just thought we could hang out and go to a bar,” said Raj Koothrappali to the gang. After everyone said “Sure,” he added, “…and watch cricket!” This time, Raj successfully tricked the others into joining him for a sport only he loves.

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At a crowded bar, Howard and Raj are the only ones who make it to watch the game. Raj cheers on his team and Howard makes sarcastic remarks throughout. However, the crowd loves the game.

Within the crowd, Raj gets some other good news as well. Bernadette’s friend from work is also there to watch the game.

Raj Koothrappali Looks For Love

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Before, Raj stressed about meeting Bernadette’s friend, Ruchi. When they met, his only similar quality seemed to be that they were both initially from India. Now, however, it’s also clear they love the same sport.

“She’s telling the bowler to bowl a Yorker,” said Raj to Howard in an effort to translate Ruchi. Clearly, the game is Cricket is much different than most American sports, which are typically easier to follow.

Since both of these India natives had something real in common, they were able to then explore more interests.

One Fundamental Difference 

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Later in the episode, Raj found out that while he and Ruchi had the same sports interest in common, they had one different thought that could destroy their potential relationship.

At dinner, Ruchi revealed she didn’t necessarily believe in love. Instead, she believes it is just a chemical reaction in the brain. This, of course, upset Raj who is obsessed with rom-coms and wants to live a Nicholas Sparks kind of romance one day.

However, when he really got to thinking about this, it was clear he couldn’t just end things. For Raj, any woman is going to have to do, especially if they’re willing to go on a date with him.

For now, Raj is going to have to accept this fundamental difference and take things slow. Hopefully, the two will see eye-to-eye one day when it comes to romance. For now, they can spend some time watching cricket as they grow together.

What do you think of Raj and his new girlfriend?