TBBT Fans Shocked That THIS Just Happened Between Raj And Howard


“Have you ever thought about talking to some kind of therapist about all this?” asked Penny Hofstadter. In the latest Big Bang Theory, Raj Koothrappali questions his give-and-take relationship with Howard Wolowitz. So far, Howard gives him crap and he takes it.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

At a job interview, Raj finally realized that Howard’s constant criticisms have taken away what confidence he did have. When he first got to America, he copied Howard’s hairstyle and assumed that all friendships were born that way.

In reality, Howard was more damaging than meets the eye.

A Rocky Friendship On The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“My dad thinks it’s because Howard is always making fun of me,” confirmed Raj Koothrappali. While chatting with Leonard and Penny, Raj started to have his first therapy session with friends.

Later in the episode, Raj ends up getting the job, doing well at the new job, and even finding a girl who likes him. While the “new girl” is just coffee and astrophysicists talk, it’s certainly a start.

Perhaps Raj is better off without Howard Wolowitz.

Is Raj Koothrappali Better Without Howard?

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Many life coaches and productivity gurus believe that you are the top five people that you spend your time with. As soon as Raj dropped Howard, things quickly began to turn around for him.

Over the years, these two have been the best of friends. However, their relationship is built around Howard’s need to be the funny one. Perhaps this comes from his missing father or needy mother, but now it’s at Raj’s expense.

Likewise, Raj has a need to feel recognition and approval. Over the years, he’s been trying harder to make Howard like him. But things have only become progressively worse.

Besides the comedy behind their ongoing bromance, the relationship is hurting Raj and needs to be adjusted. Based on the clip for the next episode, it looks like things are about to reach a breaking point in their relationship.

Do you think Raj and Howard can fix their rocky friendship?