Jim Parsons Proved To Be The Real-Life Version Of Sheldon Cooper


In a highlight video of previous interviews, actor Jim Parsons essentially proves that he is Sheldon Cooper in real life. Part of this connection comes down to Parsons’ obsession with winning but he’s also occasionally annoying and rude at ceremonies. 

“No one loses? Why are we doing it?” asked Jim Parsons on The Tonight Show. During a game called 5 Second Summaries, the duo had to describe movies to one another in five seconds.

Plus, Jim Parsons had a similar run-in with Ellen on her daytime talk show. But the most similar characteristic is when he was annoying to Rihanna. 

Jim Parsons Annoys Rihanna During Press

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While promoting the film Home, Jim Parsons revealed that he’s not just competitive, but he’s also annoying. While working with Rihanna, he couldn’t help but sing her songs out loud.

Apparently, hearing her voice all day made him think of her hits. In the end, he finally realized that this could be annoying to her. Essentially, it would be like her telling him “Bazinga!” all day.

The difference, obviously, is that Sheldon Cooper wouldn’t have realized this on his own.

Odd, Rude, And Overwhelmingly Hilarious

Jim Parsons | Photo Credit Conan

Finally, Jim Parsons is like Sheldon Cooper because he’s “odd” when it comes to getting an award. Sheldon is obsessed with winning a Nobel Prize. In real life, Parsons has won an Emmy and received a star on the Walk of Fame.

“A couple of days before, I began to panic,” Jim Parsons told Ellen. “I’d been very busy and it’s the kind of thing…you don’t know what to think about it… Then I realized, ‘Oh, I’ve got to talk.’”

Then, Parsons said he looked on YouTube to find out what other stars had said during their acceptance speech. On the Ellen Show, he informed the host that her video came up first and it was the “most unhelpful thing I have ever seen.”

Like Sheldon Cooper, Parsons came off as somewhat egotistical, but the point is that he didn’t realize he was being rude. Just like his character, the actor doesn’t always understand when he’s being rude.

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