The Genius In Disguise Who Helped Sheldon Make A Scientific Breakthrough Is No Other But…


“I just wish I could find something that excites me,” said Sheldon Cooper on the latest Big Bang Theory. In the episode, Sheldon made it clear he was jealous of his other friends moving forward with their goals, passions, and careers.

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Raj Koothrappali just landed a new job and it has even gotten some press. Not long ago, Leonard announced he was working on a novel. Plus, Howard and Raj also have a band where they play on the weekends.

Penny asked, “What got you excited about dark matter in the first place?”

Sheldon Cooper Learns About His Rebound Science

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After Sheldon Cooper described his situation, Penny used some logic from her previous life to talk to Sheldon. “So it’s your rebound science… Not the science you spend the rest of your life with, but the one you use to make yourself feel pretty again…”

Basically, Sheldon only got into dark matter because everyone else was going it. In fact, he never really got over string theory. Since Einstein couldn’t solve it, Penny didn’t think Sheldon really had a chance.

But the two got to work on the project anyway.

“Did We Just Solve String Theory…?”

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“So did we do it?” asked Penny. “Did we just solve string theory?” Surprisingly, Sheldon didn’t put down Penny. Instead, he said, “I appreciate your enthusiasm, but this is not the sort of thing we can figure out in a night.”

Again, Penny’s simplistic logic helped Sheldon rethink the entire problem. Despite the fact that Einstein couldn’t solve it and others have worked on the idea for decades, Penny asked, “It’s a string. How hard can it be?”

Then, by asking about knots (real strings), Sheldon concluded that it could be possible if sheets are considered. Later in the episode, when Penny went to visit Leonard and Amy, she dropped a bomb on the scientific duo.

“Sorry, I had to stop at Sheldon’s and help him solve string theory. It turns out that the answer is knots.” Leonard disregarded the comment and said, “That’s cute but you can’t have knots in more than four dimensions.”

“You can if you consider them sheets,” said Penny to a shocked Leonard.

What did you think of Penny’s hilarious interpretation of Sheldon’s string theory?