Penny “Accidentally Reads A Parenting Book, Look What Happens Next


After Bernadette leaves a parenting book at Penny place, she decides to give it a read. Despite the fact Leonard thought she was pregnant, she did find it useful. In fact, she used a few techniques to tame the great Sheldon Cooper.

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When an upset Sheldon returns home, Penny goes to her new guide. Sheldon is upset that Amy isn’t already home from working with Howard. He tells her just how frustrated he is, which makes her think to use a new method.

“That would frustrate me,” she confirmed. “Does it frustrate you?”

Penny Validates Sheldon’s Feelings

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After Sheldon confirms that he does feel frustrated, she tells him that that feeling is normal. “It’s okay to feel frustrated when things aren’t going your way,” said Penny. This makes Sheldon wonder if he’s worried over nothing.

Then, she tells him that his feelings are valid, which seems to calm him down. After he feels like she’s right, he’s now at ease. Then, Penny tells him to go wash up and then come back later for dinner.

“What did you—Are you a witch?” asked Leonard from the kitchen.

“Answer Key To The Sheldon Test”

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Penny then realizes that she has the “answer key to the Sheldon test.” The methods in the book work because, like a child, Sheldon doesn’t understand normal social behavior. He’s still learning how to survive as a normal adult.

Later in the episode, she uses the book once again. When Sheldon tells Leonard that he needs a ride, she coaches Leonard how to use the book. Leonard tells Sheldon he can take him in two hours or else he can try an Uber.

Normally, Leonard would either relentlessly take Sheldon, or else Sheldon would complain. With this method (giving the child two options that the adult agrees with), both found a suitable plan.

Perhaps in the future, Penny and Leonard can continue to use these methods to work with Sheldon. Otherwise, he’ll go back to his same old ways.

Do you think Penny will remember these methods for the future?