Is Penny and Leonard’s Relationship Actually HEALTHY? Here’s Our Analysis…


Longest Surviving Couple 

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Penny and Leonard have the longest history in The Big Bang Theory and were “the” couple long before Sheldon and Amy. Their relationship took lots of twists and turns. Surprises and disappointments were around every corner, including lots of break-ups and make-ups. But today the two are happily married.

Despite the happy ending for Lenny, how healthy is their on-again and off-again relationship?

The Leonard-Penny Break-Up History

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It all started early. Leonard asked Penny on a date and she agreed. This was not followed by a second date.

In Season 3, the two go back to dating again but then get intimate. Everything feels weird so they break-up for about thirty seconds.

Leonard drops the “L” word on Penny before she is ready. She breaks up with him because she does not think it is fair when she has no idea how she feels. The two are okay being friends.

When Penny attempts to date Zack again, she cannot keep going with the relationship. Leonard has made her realize how dumb he is.

Season 4 took the couple through a one-night stand. After Penny asserted it meant nothing, Leonard dates Priya for awhile. Penny clearly is devastated by this.

In Season 5, their relationship begins anew. The couple takes it slow as though it were a beta test. And though there were many doubts and turned down proposals along the way, the two end up married.

The Truth Behind On and Off

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Around 60% of Americans go through at least one relationship that is on and off. Even in couples with stronger commitments (married/living together) the numbers are higher than expected. Our friends and family always warn us about getting back together with that guy/girl but we do not listen. Here’s why these relationships are bad.

On and off relationships are “toxic” because they lead to uncertainty, doubts, and even frustration. Not to mention that, in addition to these feelings, the break-up feelings create a lot of stress on a person. This is the over-arching psychological view of these relationships, but not everyone is the same.

There also can be highly successful on and off relationships. The gaps act as tests while each new beginning is a chance for the persons involved to improve. I believe this is the kind of relationship that Penny and Leonard have.

In the beginning, we see them uncertain and stressed out. But after they get back together in season 5, the two have a renewed commitment and openly honest relationship that benefits them both. Certainly, Penny and Leonard have both matured to a point that allows them to be happier.