Did You Notice Penny Used Her “Hidden Skill” In This Scene?


“You have to say something to Bernie,” said Penny Hofstadter in the latest Big Bang Theory. While sharing a bottle of wine with Raj, the duo discussed what was going on between Ruchi and Bernadette. Luckily, Penny is good at this kind of conversation.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Penny, behind the counter with a bottle of wine, has been the ultimate advice-giver on The Big Bang this season. In “The Tesla Recoil,” she uses her skills as a former bartender to push Raj in the right direction.

So far, she’s helped Leonard’s mom, Raj, Bernie, and Sheldon this season.

Penny Hofstadter, The Bartender Is In

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS
The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

When Leonard’s mom called and wanted to chat with Penny, everyone was surprised. Over Skype and a glass of wine, Penny developed a new relationship with her mother-in-law.

Leonard felt somewhat upset about this relationship, but once he found out that Penny was his mom’s favorite in-law, it changed his mind. Now, he and his mother are slowly mending their relationship through his wife.

Penny was also the first to hear about Bernie’s second baby and there to help Sheldon on more than one occasion.

Knowing When (And How) To Help

Big Bang Premiere | Photo Credit CBS
Big Bang Premiere | Photo Credit CBS

Aside from encouraging Bernadette to go ahead and tell Howard about the second baby in the premiere, Penny has been there for Sheldon various times this season. Whether he needs help acting or at work, she’s there to help.

When Amy couldn’t tell Sheldon the truth about his Professor Proton video, Penny was there to remind him that acting isn’t about expressing real opinions. It’s about engaging with the audience and portraying a character.

Likewise, when she found Bernie’s parenting book, she used it to help Sheldon get over problems at work. Like a proud parent, she listened to his needs and comforted Sheldon when he was upset.

Based on her expert skills as a bartender, it looks like Penny could even consider going back to school to get a degree in counseling.

What do you think of Penny’s expert advice this season on TBBT?