Do THESE Moments Point To A New Penny Hofstadter Character In The Making?


“That documentary we watched last night was actually better than I thought it would be,” said Penny Hofstadter. Over breakfast, the couple discusses their movie night, and it would appear that Penny is turning into one of the boys.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“Really? It should have been about Samuel Morris the way they telegraphed that ending,” joked Leonard. Penny added, “I already pretended to laugh at that joke once. Do I have to do it again?”

All joking aside, there was a time where Penny would have never wanted to watch a documentary with the boys.

Penny Hofstadter Becomes One Of The Boys

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Back when Penny and Leonard first broke up, they started to go out as friends. During their first friend date, Penny wanted to see a Jennifer Aniston movie, but Leonard suggested a documentary.

At this point, Leonard decided that since they were friends, he should get to pick the movie at least half of the time. Since they were going as friends, Penny reluctantly agreed and also split the cost of the tickets.

Perhaps this brief break up will help with their current marriage. Also, there was one other time when Penny Hofstadter turned into one of the boys.

“I’m About To Level Up,” Said Penny

“Busy,” said Penny when Leonard came to her door. A few years ago, Penny got addicted to World of Warcraft. In fact, in an effort to be a professional gamer, she stopped eating right and showering to play the game full time.

“I don’t work on Mondays,” said Penny, even though Leonard reminded her it was actually Thursday. In her zip-up hoodie, shuffled hair, and microphone, she finally turned to listen to Leonard.

“Sometimes people—good people—start playing these games and find themselves kind of addicted,” said Leonard. “If a person doesn’t have a sense of achievement in their real life, they lose themselves in a virtual world where they can get a false sense of accomplishment.”

Eventually, Leonard walked into the game to try and convince her friend to stop the gaming. Now, however, an interest in documentaries is good for her and her friendships.

What did you think of Penny’s addiction to games a few seasons ago?