Raj Is Too Obsessed With This Girl, But Penny’s Unexpected “Wisdom” Is Priceless…


“Give her some space. Put a rubber band around your wrist,” said Penny Hofstadter to Raj. “And, anytime you start planning your wedding, or naming your children, I want you to stab yourself in the hand with a fork!”

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

This hilarious example comes from the idea to pop your wrist with a rubber band to break a bad habit. For Penny, things need to get a little more extreme. More than likely, Raj needs it.

“What’s the rubber band for?” asked Raj. “To slow the bleeding,” she replied.

Penny Hofstadter Gives Raj Some Advice

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Penny has been giving a ton of advice this season on The Big Bang Theory. In this newest episode, she advises both Raj and Sheldon. For Sheldon Cooper, the advice revolves around his reputation.

In a classic insulting way, Sheldon wants Penny’s advice because he believes she doesn’t care about her reputation. In the end, she essentially tells him to go for it and she’s gotten good at not caring about the way he speaks to her.

These are only two examples of how Penny has helped the gang this season.

The Most Helpful Character This Season

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

In the first episode, “The Proposal Proposal,” Bernadette seeks Penny’s advice. During this premiere episode, aside from Sheldon and Amy’s proposal, the episode also revolves around Bernadette and Howard’s second baby. Penny is the first one to hear the news from Bernadette.

Then, in “The Retraction Reaction,” after Leonard bombs a radio interview, Penny is there to console her husband. Then, in “The Explosion Implosion,” Penny surprises everyone when she makes friends with Leonard’s mom. In that episode, she advises Leonard’s mom and Leonard.

Finally, in “The Proton Regeneration,” Penny gets the chance to help out Sheldon. In this episode, when he auditions for Professor Proton, she gets to give her friend advice on how to be a better actor. In the end, he also seeks advice from Wil Wheaton, but Penny gets the ball rolling.

What do you think about all of Penny’s advice this season on The Big Bang Theory?