TBBT Episode 12: Amy Fowler FINALLY Picked Her Maid Of Honor


Before she settled down, Penny Hofstadter was the Prom Queen, the Head Cheerleader, and a rising Hollywood actress. Now she just realized that her best friend is mega-nerd, Amy Farrah Fowler.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

During “The Matrimonial Metric,” Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler decided to test their friends to find a Best Man and Maid of Honor. Despite hurting their friends’ feelings, it did lead to Penny discovering the truth about Amy.

“Oh my God, Amy is my best friend,” said a shell-shocked Penny Hofstadter.

Penny Hofstadter Finds Her True Love(s)

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Amy’s character has changed somewhat over the years. In the very beginning, she met up with Sheldon Cooper in order to please her mother. At first, neither was very interested in a relationship.

Soon after, Amy fell for Sheldon, but she also fell for Penny. In fact, one of the ongoing jokes revolved around Amy’s fascination with Penny Hofstadter. Amy often said she felt like her friend was “perfect.”

Finally, in the latest The Big Bang Theory, Penny confessed her love for Amy.

Choosing The Best Maid Of Honor

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Leonard told his wife that she should just admit she’s upset that Amy hadn’t chosen her for Maid of Honor. During this conversation, Penny realized the truth about her best friend. Eventually, she marched over to confess her love.

Meanwhile, in Amy and Sheldon’s apartment, Howard was trying to confirm Bernadette as the Maid of Honor. Amy was literally a phone call away when Penny burst through the door to confess she was Amy’s best friend.

Despite Bernadette’s help while on bed rest, Amy couldn’t help but push Howard aside and run over to her new best friend. After all of these years, Amy Farrah Fowler finally has everything she’s ever wanted.

As we close out Season 11 in the next few weeks, Amy Farrah Fowler is about to be married to her man Sheldon Cooper and best friends with the second love of her life, Penny Hofstadter.

What did you think about this hilarious episode of The Big Bang Theory? Do you love Amy and Sheldon’s quirky relationship (read here)?