Fans Have Been Picking Up On This Small Detail About Penny


While having dinner at Leonard and Penny’s house, a new relationship starts to form on The Big Bang Theory. We haven’t seen Howard and Amy together much, but this new reaction may turn everyone’s world upside-down.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Howard suggests helping with Amy’s research. This causes Amy to invite him to give her hand since she’ll need an engineer for the new segment. Their ongoing “smart talk” makes Penny yearn for talk of Ewoks and baby vomit…

But, will this ongoing neglect eventually hurt Penny.

Penny Is The Outsider In The Group

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Before Leonard and Penny got married, it was clear that Penny often felt validated with her work and even with new relationships. Now that she’s with Leonard, it’s possible she’ll start to feel worse amongst the group.

Penny is truly the outsider among these friends. Despite being married to Leonard, she’s always going to be last regarding accomplishments and even IQ. Sometimes, this looks like it does more harm than meets the eye.

Surprisingly, however, Penny is also the one to figure out the Sheldon formula.

The Formula To Control Sheldon Cooper

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Bernadette leaves one of her parenting books at Leonard’s place, which Penny later finds. She reads the book and uses the knowledge from the book to better speak with Sheldon, who is upset about Howard and Amy.

Based on the contents of the book, she comforts Sheldon and makes him express his feelings. Jokingly, she notes that these methods are meant for babies and toddlers under the age of five, but they also work on Sheldon.

While Penny would seem to be the most neglected on the series, she uses her street smarts to be one of the most rounded characters. As Leonard’s mom said in the last episode, she’s the most confident among those in the group.

Not only does the book work on Sheldon, but it also works on Leonard. Sure, he catches it right away, but it’s something she can likely use again and again. Like her new relationship with Leonard’s mom, she’s herself, and it’s working for her.

Do you think she feels neglected or does her outside views make her the best member of the group?