Penny Just Made Leonard Extremely Worried With THIS Remark


“Hey, you look good today,” said Penny Hofstadter to Leonard. Thrown off from the comment, her husband is worried that something is wrong. “I felt bad about being mean to you, so I’m being nice…” This may be Penny’s toughest task to date.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

After Raj Koothrappali made it clear that Howard’s cruelness has affected their relationship, Penny has decided to fix her relationship. But trying to be nice within her typical sarcastic thoughts is going to be difficult.

“It’s not all Howard’s fault. If Raj doesn’t want to be made fun of…” began Penny. “I don’t know a nice way to finish this sentence.”

Penny Hofstadter Tries To Be Nice…

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

During Raj’s chat with Penny and Leonard, he tries to find some unity with Leonard about being bullied. In an effort to please Penny, Leonard decides he would rather try to avoid rocking the boat.

Later, when Penny tells her husband he looks handsome, he’s thrown off. Many couples can experience a comfort zone, where one person is often the butt of the joke (especially if they’re on a television show).

As The Big Bang Theory potentially comes to an end, perhaps these various relationship quirks will also be resolved.

Living As The Butt Of The Joke

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

The majority of the jokes on The Big Bang Theory are at one of the character’s expense. Nearly every joke from Howard is either self-deprecating or meant to hurt one of his good friends.

This is equally true of the movies from Judd Apatow, such as Knocked Up, This Is 40, or Funny People. Similarly, most real relationships and friendships will eventually struggle if one person is crueler than the other.

For Penny, it’s easy to rag on Leonard because he often rags on himself. As a character, this likely comes from his mother. In the latest episode, he even tells Raj not to see his mother for therapy because things will only end up worse.

Regardless, Raj’s confidence does grow because he’s not around Howard’s “negative energy,” but he’s also just being more confident and more himself. Rather than Penny changing, perhaps Leonard will also need to change.

Do you think Penny will ever be a nice or sweet wife?