Uh-Oh… Kaley Cuoco Just Left The Gym Wearing This…


On The Big Bang Theory, everyone has their special talents. Where many of the characters are smart, Penny used street smarts and beauty. This means that Penny actress Kaley Cuoco must stay in tip-top shape year-round.

Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit Daily Mail

Recently, Penny actress Kaley Cuoco showed off her fit bod after a two-hour yoga session in Los Angeles. The actress came out with a towel over her shoulder and wearing nothing but a sports bra and black shorts.

At 31, Cuoco makes sure to hit the gym, the court, or ride her horse very often to stay in shape.

Penny Actress Kaley Cuoco Stays In Shape

Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit Daily Mail

Penny actress Kaley Cuoco knows how important it is to stay in shape. In fact, due to her riding horses five days a week, she met her new boyfriend, Karl Cook. Cook is a professional equestrian and the two love animals.

Beyond horses, Cook and Cuoco have several dogs together. Penny actress Kaley Cuoco has a thing for mixed pit bulls and she even has a miniature horse. If the duo decides to settle down, they may have their own farm one day!

For now, however, Penny actress Kaley Cuoco is thinking about a baby.

Karl Cook And Kaley Cuoco Baby News?

Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit Instagram

While no official news has been announced, friends of Cuoco and Cook have said the couple is thinking about children and their future. In fact, Cook has referred to his girlfriend as the future mother of his children.

If Kaley Cuoco gets pregnant soon, this will likely stop some of her sporting activities. While mild yoga should be okay, she won’t be allowed to ride horses for the safety of the child.

On television, the writers will also need to write in the baby if she’s showing on television. Currently, Bernadette was not supposed to have a second child but when Melissa Rauch got pregnant in real life, the writers wrote it into the story.

If Karl Cook and Kaley Cuoco get pregnant in the next year, Leonard and Penny will likely also reveal baby news. At the present time, it looks like they’re not thinking about kids, but that could change as Howard and Bernie expect their second.

Do you think Penny and Leonard will be pregnant by the end of Season 11?