[SPOILERS] Here’s Why Sheldon Cooper Always Acts This Way


Ever wondered when Sheldon Cooper first got the idea to wear a surgical mask and clean all hard surfaces during flu season? Well, now we know.

Young Sheldon Cooper And The Flu

If you’ve seen the most recent Young Sheldon episode, you now know the reason Sheldon Cooper acts so crazy when an apartment mate is sick. In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon’s hypochondriac tendencies have been a long-running joke for years. Sheldon loves to spray Lysol and don a surgical mask whenever it’s flu season. 

However, after watching the latest Young Sheldon episode, we now have a greater understanding of where this behavior came from in the first place. A well-meaning doctor actually put the idea in Sheldon’s head.

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Mary Cooper took Sheldon to the doctor after Sheldon refused to go to school during flu season. Honestly, we can’t blame Sheldon. Flu season is the worst. However, we do understand why Mary felt the need to coax her child back to school.

The doctor is bothered by Sheldon because he’s come into his office with no illness or symptoms. Sheldon has some great lines in this episode. The doctor believes Sheldon has a phobia, to which he retorts, “It’s not a phobia if the threat is real. You’re a doctor, you should know that.”

Sheldon Cooper’s Great Point

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Young Sheldon is full of ironic statements about the 70’s. Perhaps the most telling of all is when Sheldon says, “Why are we getting medical advice from a man who smokes?” However, that’s beside the point. This man changed Sheldon’s life forever. The doctor attempts to leave, saying he has actual sick patients to attend to. That’s when Sheldon inquires how the doctor manages not to get sick.

That poor doctor had no idea the impact he would have when he replied, “I take precautions. I wash my hands, I wear gloves, and a mask.” And from there came Sheldon’s wild precautionary routine. We love that we learn more and more about Sheldon Cooper each week. Do you feel you have a better understanding of the character after watching Young Sheldon?