Young Sheldon Meets Professor Proton

Professor protonThe Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

The Big Bang Theory spinoff, Young Sheldon, is going to be packed with various fun facts and Easter eggs that tie to the sister series. Based on a new trailer, it looks like Professor Proton is going to be in the series premiere.

Young Sheldon Cooper, played by Iain Armitage, is the counterpart of Jim Parson’s character from TBBT. The series takes place in 1989 Texas where the young genius must learn how to survive high school in East Texas.

The series has also been listed as more of a “dramedy” than a sitcom.

Intimate Like ‘The Wonder Years’

Young Sheldon | Photo Credit CBS

CBS reports, “The new show includes decidedly ‘more intimate’ moments throughout. Think ’80s television show The Wonder Years, but for Sheldon Cooper. Speaking of which…It’s a period piece.”

The new series also exists in the 1980s so there’s going to be tons of nostalgic throwbacks plus a lack of technology like smartphones or laptops. It’s possible that there will be some jokes about future technology from the genius himself.

Jim Parsons is also set to narrate the spinoff.

Many Pop Culture 80s References

Sheldon Cooper(s) | Photo Credit CBS

So far we’ve only seen a few glimpses into the new series, but there’s a ton to work with. Not only are there tons of references to the original series, but there will also be lots of references to comics and pop culture.

Among the many comic references and other pop culture influencers in Sheldon’s life, the trailer is also going to show a glimpse of the boy’s obsession with Professor Proton. The trailer even includes Bob Newhart himself on television.

Sheldon’s sister wants to watch a cartoon called Duck Tales, but Sheldon Cooper wants to watch something that will teach him more about science. It looks like Sheldon is going to have trouble at home and during school.

Professor Proton comes from a fascination in real life with Bill Nye the Science Guy, who has also appeared on The Big Bang Theory. It’s possible the new spinoff could show some clips from Bill’s show as well.

Are you looking forward to Young Sheldon on September 25, 2017?

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