The Newest Big Bang Shows Something We Never Thought We’d See…


Sheldon Cooper Teams Up With Howard

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Sheldon Cooper is unlike most other characters on television. The quirky, relentless genius wants to be empathetic but has trouble expressing himself. The fact that he’s now getting married shows a great change in his character.

In the most recent episode of The Big Bang Theory, we got to see two Sheldon firsts. One thing we’ve never seen before was Sheldon trying to bond with Howard. When the two discovered both had dad issues, they decided to team up and conquer their problems.

This, of course, led to an explosion in the desert…

An Explosive New Relationship

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Perhaps because the rocket was 30+ years old, their teamwork invention didn’t go as well as they had hoped. While they literally and metaphorically picked up the pieces of their shattered childhoods, they tried to bond again.

Howard and Sheldon left the desert upset. In the car, however, Sheldon Cooper ended up telling his friend that he’s a good teacher after all. To learn this lesson, however, Howard nearly lost his life.

This all started when Sheldon told Howard he did have a driver’s license.

Howard Learns How To Be Parental

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Another first for the television audience was watching Sheldon Cooper get behind the wheel. Since there were no other cars around, Howard thought it was okay to let his friend hit the open road.

Soon, however, Sheldon floored the vehicle and then got pulled going over 112 miles per hour. The police officer didn’t think it was too funny, but when Sheldon told him just to keep the license, it was clear it could be his first and last time in the driver’s seat.

Other than this “Need for Speed” moment, Sheldon said he also drove one additional time, but after a U-Turn made him throw up, he thought enough was enough. More than likely, Howard took the duo the rest of the way home.

Despite some ups and downs, a speeding ticket and a major explosion, the duo did bond, and Howard learned a valuable lesson. Howard now knows he can be a good father, but he also learned that you can’t let a kid get behind the wheel.

Do you think Howard Jr. will wear a tiny belt buckle like his dad?