REVEALED: Here’s What Every Member Of The Big Bang Theory Will Do In 2017…


New Year New Me!

The start of a new year is supposed to bring changes for all of us. This is why we make New Year’s resolutions. Well, our cast of The Big Bang Theory makes resolutions too! Here are my (humorous) predictions for what the Big Bang characters might resolve to do in 2017.

Sheldon and Amy

Sheldon and Amy are ready for 2017 and all its twists and turns by

Sheldon Cooper will resolve that his year he shall make a scientific breakthrough that will earn him a Nobel Peace Prize in Physics. He will also work to make people less stupid. Amy Farrah Fowler resolves to move on to Phase 3 of her plan to marry Sheldon.

Howard and Bernadette

Howie and Bernie have a new family member in 2017, how will they cope? By

Bernadette Wolowitz promises herself that she will get a promotion at work, no matter whose hair she has to rip out. Howard Wolowitz promises that he will try his hardest to raise baby Wolowitz to not be like Debbie Wolowitz.

Penny and Leonard

Are you ready for 2017? Dress to impress like Lenny! By

Penny Hofstadter resolves to never have a baby. Leonard Hofstadter promises to come up with a planned timeline for their future child.


Will Raj spend New Year’s Eve alone with Cinnamon? There could be no better company! By

Raj Koothrappali makes the resolution that he will not spend another year alone. He will find and pursue a female before next New Year’s Eve. He also promises that he will become a better mother than any man before him.


Stuart will not have to spend New Year’s alone this year, or will he? By

Stuart promises to dedicate the next year of his life to making himself needed in the Wolowitz household. That way, he ensures that Howard and Bernadette will never kick him out and he will always have a place to stay.

What is your New Year’s Resolution?