Something Big Just Came Out About Howard’s Dad


Howard’s Dad Not Around For His Son

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In the most recent episode of The Big Bang Theory, Howard and Bernadette learn their second child will be a baby boy. This worries Howard as he’s unsure how he can raise a young man.

Beyond his initial worries, the newborn news also makes him think back to his father. Due to this, fans get to see a few touching scenes between Sheldon and Howard, as Raj tries to join in.

Sheldon and Howard had parents who were either not there or couldn’t relate. Poor Raj got a Mercedes for his 16th birthday…

Learning To Be A Man On His Own

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Howard’s dad left his family at a very early age, as we learned from the famous letter reading a few seasons ago. Sam Wolowitz wasn’t there for his son, but in his place, Howard began to build rockets.

Due to his father’s absence, the boy became the man he is today. In his lonely times that weren’t spent playing catch, he started to learn his craft. If Howard’s father had been there, he might have never become an astronaut.

Surprisingly, Sheldon Cooper bonded with Howard over this experience.

Howard’s Dad Replaced By Sheldon?

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“Forget the past, what do you say you and me build this rocket,” said Howard. “That sounds like it could be a real bonding experience for us,” said Sheldon, who saw that as a negative experience.

Regardless of their mixed views, the duo did, in fact, build the rocket. For Howard, this was a chance to teach a boy how to do something. For Sheldon, it was simply a chance to build a rocket.

Together, things did not go as planned. The rocket looked good, but when they went to launch, it exploded on the launch pad. Howard got a little more down on himself, and they eventually got back into the car to head out.

In the car, however, Sheldon surprised Howard by revealing that he has gotten his license. There, on the open interstate, Howard allow for Sheldon to drive and he did get his teaching moment after all.

While Howard doesn’t know much about sports, he is a good teacher.

Do you think Howard Jr. will wear little belt buckles like his dad one day?