Uhh… So The Big Bang Theory Just Got ANOTHER Spin Off?


According to Variety, Fox has plans to redevelop a multi-cam series from John Ross Bowie (Kripke) and Kevin Sussman (Stuart). In addition to these stars, Peter Tolan will also be joining as a writer and executive producer.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS
The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

The new series has the working title, “The Ever After Part,” which will follow a couple. The couple has difficulties raising their daughter in a hip neighborhood, so they decide to swallow their pride and move in with the husband’s mother.

In addition to the mother-in-law hi-jinx, she also has a live-in manservant.

Two TBBT Regulars Write New Sitcom

John Ross Bowie | Photo Credit No Cookie

Variety writes, “In addition to Tolan, Bowie, and Sussman, Peter Principato and Joel Zadak of Principato Young Entertainment will also serve as executive producers. Jill McGrath will serve as producer. Sony Pictures Television Studios will produce in association with 20th Century Fox Television. Tolan’s The Cloudland Company is currently set up under an overall deal at Sony.”

John Ross Bowie and Kevin Sussman both occur as TBBT regulars on the hit CBS series. We’ve yet to see Barry Kripke this season, but Stuart has been a major player in several of the new episodes.

Currently, John Ross Bowie is also in the series, Speechless.

New Project Announced From TBBT Cast

Kevin Sussman | Photo Credit Ugly Betty

Back in 2012, the writing duo originally sold the script for this idea, but their new fame has made it a reality. In Hollywood, it’s relatively common for the studio to shelve a project until unforeseen circumstances arise so they can make it.

Regarding these actors working on The Big Bang Theory, it is likely we’ll see them a few more times over the next two seasons. At this point, it’s unclear if the show will go beyond Season 12, which would be the 2018-2019 season.

Stuart will likely continue to run the comic book shop, so his role should he around quite often. For Barry Kripke, however, John Ross Bowie may be too busy working on other shows to pursue the part.

If a cameo should arise, however, we’d love to see Sheldon Cooper’s nemesis arrive on occasion. While Sheldon’s character has grown a great deal, he’s still quite able to pick a fight with Kripke over something minute.

Are you looking forward to this new sitcom based on the pitch?