NEW REPORT: How Clashing Egos And Jealousy Are Impacting The Final Season Of TBBT


According to sources, The Big Bang Theory is experiencing “massive egos, raging jealousy, and ugly backbiting,” but the real problem is in America’s home. With their lowest ratings to date, CBS may have to rethink the final season of The Big Bang Theory.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

We’ve often reported that the various actors on the show appear to be taking on other projects left and right. Apparently, this has caused some tension on the hit Thursday night sitcom.

If ego is the issue, it could be due to the big paychecks on set.

The Big Bang Theory’s Big Checks

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Four-time Emmy winner Jim Parsons makes about a million an episode, plus his phone endorsements, and now he’s producing. Currently, he’s already narrating and producing Young Sheldon, but he’s got his eyes on bigger works.

Parsons and his husband have also bought the movie rights to a memoir and a medical drama. In 2018, it’s quite possible that Jim Parsons will make well over a $30 million salary.

Among the other cast members, he’s certainly LeBron, which causes tensions in any situation.

“Ego Is The Enemy” On The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

It’s hard to imagine Sheldon Cooper flaunting money (above, he’s loaning with no worries), but Jim Parsons is generally more of a private person. Plus, it’s not like he’s actually the character. He does play the most memorable character, but the ensemble couldn’t work without him.

If there’s any ego on the set, it may come from those who are stepping out to focus on Young Sheldon. Not only did Parsons exit some of his time, but so did the main creator of the show, Chuck Lorre.

In fact, some of these issues may have been why it took so long for Johnny Galecki to commit to the Roseanne reboot. According to Radar, Galecki is “silently simmering” over Jim’s check, which is the equivalent of five Lamborghinis more than Johnny’s.

While it’s hard to imagine a paycheck p*ssing contest on America’s favorite sitcom, a decade is a long time for any job. Let’s just hope the shows ends well, which is very well might do in Season 12, which is 2018-2019.

More than likely, the checks for Galecki and Parsons are upsetting the others on set, especially Kunal Nayyar, who doesn’t appear to have anything in the works.

Can you imagine Jim Parsons actually causing a fuss on The Big Bang Theory?