Look Who Just Got “Paired Up” In A Scene Fans Can’t Stop Speculating About…


After Leonard and Penny use reverse psychology to get rid of Sheldon, he arrives at Bernadette’s place. There, he can finally unwind and complain about the Amy and Howard’s new work relationship. Only, she doesn’t want him either!

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“This whole thing is maddening,” said an upset Sheldon Cooper at Bernadette and Howard’s table. In the end, she is always the one to be the most honest. “I’m really busy,” she informed Sheldon.

“I just wish I could make Howard feel as angry as I’m feeling,” said Sheldon.

Bernadette Gets The Best Of Sheldon

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At this point, she gets an idea. After she asked if Sheldon had ever read Tom Sawyer, she knows she can trick him. “Well, maybe you could do something [Howard] likes and make him jealous,” said Bernadette.

She then refers to the Mark Twain classic where Tom convinces another kid to help paint the fence. If the other kid things the activity is fun, then he will do it, no questions asked.

Bernadette, like Tom Sawyer, tricks Sheldon into doing Howard’s chores.

Bernadette Finds A Clever Loophole

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Sheldon then changes the batteries in the smoke detector. After that, he does the laundry. “He’s going to be steamed,” said Sheldon “Just like his dress shirts.” With her feet up, Bernadette enjoys some ice cream in her clean house.

A moment later, she tricks Sheldon into cleaning the oven. The entire time, Sheldon thinks he is getting the best of Howard. In reality, of course, she is getting the best of both of them.

Later, Raj shows up to tell on Howard and Amy for having fun. At this point, Raj spills the beans to tell Sheldon that Howard hates doing chores. It’s a little too late though, plus Sheldon just loves cleaning the oven.

“Bernadette, did you play on my well-established gullibility to clean your house?” asked Sheldon. Without a regret or second thought, she replied, “Sure did…” to the stunned Sheldon Cooper.

What do you think of Bernadette and her hilarious tactics?