Kaley Cuoco’s New Pics Make It Clear She Is Obsessed With 1 Thing


Kaley Cuoco And Karl Cook Love Animals

Kaley Cuoco Pets | Photo Credit Instagram

Actress Kaley Cuoco and boyfriend Karl Cook love pets. The couple met at a horse riding event and have been in love ever since. Cook is a professional equestrian and Cuoco loves riding whenever she gets the chance.

In addition to the many horses that the couple has, they also love dogs. Kaley’s Pit bulls, Shirley and Norman, love to go for a swim. “They swim almost every day, even when it’s freezing,” said the actress.

Besides the big dogs, she also has Ruby, who she calls a “Little Snowball.” In May 2017, the couple also adopted the dwarf horse, Shmooshy.

Loving Dogs, Riding Horses

Kaley Cuoco Pets | Photo Credit Instagram

Besides doing yoga regularly, Kaley Cuoco also attributes her fitness to riding horses five days a week. This common interest is what brought Cook and Cuoco together, and it’s what keeps them both in great shape.

“That’s much more of a workout than people would think,” said the actress. Keeping your balance on a horse forces the body to work the core. If the core is in great shape, the rest will follow.

She also posts pictures on Instagram so fans can keep up with her pets, her boyfriend, and “major cuddle fest” with her horses.

Kaley Cuoco Loves Pets All Over The World

Kaley Cuoco Pets | Photo Credit Instagram

When the duo isn’t riding horses, they’re often hitting the pool or making plans to travel. About a month ago, the couple joined Cook’s family for a trip to Australia. The duo almost didn’t board the plane thanks to something in her bag.

Kaley Cuoco had a Rabbit-style wine opener in her bag that set off the metal detector. This alerted TSA to search her bag, and they said the item could be considered a weapon. They likely confiscated the wine opener and let her on the plane.

In Australia, the couple posts lots of people together including a new animal friend. In one photo, the couple posed in front of a camel. It’s possible that they even rode the camel Down Under.

What do you think of Kaley Cuoco animal obsession?