Big Bang Premiere Party Tips How To Watch And What To Bring


Use These Big Bang Theory Premiere Party Tips For a Night to Remember!


Check out these Big Bang Theory premiere party tips to ensure next year’s success. 

Premiere Party Tips checklist

  • Online Party – This is the easiest one to dress for. Put your social networking skills to work here to experience an out-of-this-world experience.
    • Create a Big Bang Theory fan page of your own on FB and live chat.
    • Create a Google Hangout and share play-by-plays.
    • Instagram it – share photos of your impersonations – match Sheldon, Raj, or Bernadette.
    • Group Text is great too. Change your notification to a sound you enjoy hearing, a lot! 
  • Home Party – The perfect setting for an intimate or large group gathering.
    • Costume it up! Everyone wears a signature piece from a favorite character.
    • Decorations should create a mood where witticisms feel at home.
    • Play one of The Big Bang Theory’s fun games you watch them play each week. 

Set Your Alarm!

Be sure anyone attending your online party has their clocks set, you don’t want any late arrivals. Double check to see who’s in what time-zone. Working off Pacific Time, say it’s 7pm, Mountain Time will be 8pm, Central time is 9pm, and Eastern Time 10pm.

If you really want to have fun, and this falls well within the walls of geekiness for TBBT fans; set up a human alarm system. One friend starts 30-minutes out, they contact via text the next person who in turn contacts the next, and so on. You might consider a group text, but remember, everyone will be dinged again and again with replies and that can be annoying.

Salty, Sweet, and Satisfying!

A new premiere episode is always exciting. Yet, it’s what we bring for consumption that highlights the event! What’s on your list?

credit yourspace storage
credit yourspace storage

Let’s get our snacks together.

  • Salty considerations can be some popcorn, peanuts, and/or your most favorite chip.
  • Sweet options are only limited by your taste buds!  
    • Pour M&M’s into your popcorn bucket for a salty-sweet combo
  • Then again, if you’re a bland-fan like Sheldon, try some low fiber cereal!

Satisfaction does lay in the mouth of the consumer. Bon Apetite! 

Caffeine it up.

For any all-nighter, you can’t beat a good soda or two. I recommend these for show premieres as they get you pretty wired for a night of fun. After the fact, you can discuss the details of the episode with friends or family.

There you have it, a few premiere party tips. Share your favorite way to experience premieres with your friends in the comment section below.

Set your calendars and if invited (hint, hint) we’ll see you there!