This Mistake Nearly Cost Leonard His Job…


Leonard Reveals, “Physics Is Dead…”

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Leonard’s University wanted to raise some money for the Physics department, so they sent out Leonard for an interview. Sheldon started to insult Leonard when he heard the news, but his fiancé stepped in to remind him to congratulate his friend.

Unfortunately, Sheldon might have been right. While on the air, Leonard realized that they haven’t done much in Physics lately. He essentially said that “Physics is dead” on the air.

After Leonard realized how he sounded on headphones, it all went downhill from there.

$2 Billion Spent With No Results

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“There’s so much going on. We’ve been collecting tons of data that could revolutionize the way we understand the universe,” began Leonard. When asked if they have confirmed or found the evidence, Leonard could only say “No…”

“Wouldn’t that be exciting?” he added with a smile. Essentially, they’re doing a great deal of research but not finding any positive results. Leonard then revealed that they’ve spent over 2 billion dollars but haven’t found any results.

“But, I remain confident,” he said to redeem himself.

Then, There Was The Email…

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

However, moments later, he fell back into the same downward spiral. “Although, somedays I’m like, ‘We’ve spent so much money. Why haven’t we found anything?’ What are we doing?” Even Penny can’t stand behind her man after this one.

Not only does this bombshell lead to Leonard’s friends dissing him at lunch (“Pff”), but it nearly costs him his job. In a later scene, he’s called down to speak with the Dean based on some emails she received from sponsors.

Everyone is very concerned about Leonard’s radio interview. Essentially, it even leads to Howard, Raj, and Sheldon believing that he’s right. At this point in the careers, this is heartbreaking news.

In the end, our hero realizes that Physics is only dead if he lets it die. While drinking, he tries to relay this message to the Dean. Unfortunately, he ends up trying to fix things, but writes a weak retraction that references “zombies” and “squirrel bites.”

Do you think Leonard will be able to save his job?