Fans Can’t Believe Sheldon Cooper Just Said THIS To Leonard


“After dinner, we will have birthday coitus,” said Sheldon Cooper. “I assume, like the rest of frontier life, it’ll be exhausting and short,” joked Leonard Hofstadter. Then, Sheldon got to riff a little on his own.

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“You’re exhausting and short!” said Sheldon Cooper as he left the room. In true mic-drop fashion, Sheldon got the best of Leonard. Even Penny laughed the hardest at this insult on her husband.

Despite their jokes, these two are still the best of friends.

Sheldon Cooper Just Bested Leonard

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Later in the episode, Leonard revealed that he and Sheldon are actually “mole buddies.” Essentially, if one has a questionable blemish or mole, the other will inspect it and take a photo for the record.

Most friends are not this close. Despite their insults, Sheldon and Leonard will always be good friends. Once, they were roommates, but their foundation has made a friendship that will last a lifetime.

Raj and Howard’s relationship is a little more rocky lately.

Taking Insults A Little Too Far…

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In the past, everyone on The Big Bang Theory has been an insulter or the butt of the joke. After all of these years, Raj Koothrappali finally decided that enough was enough and decided to start a war with Howard.

It’s important to note that episodes ten and eleven of Season 11 were the first to include a “Previously on The Big Bang Theory” in the opening, This is the first time we’ve seen a story overlap this season on the sitcom.

When Raj Koothrappali decided that Howard’s constant ridicule and negative energy were too much, he casually ended the friendship. But when it comes to Howard and Bernie’s daughter Halley, Raj will do anything.

Thanks to a last minute decision to throw a party for Baby Halley, Raj and Howard were forced to air out their grievances. With no one else around, the two ended up climbing into the bounce house and creating an informal fight club.

By the end, the two were back to being friends.

Do you Howard will start to be nicer to his friend, Raj?