Melissa Rauch Posted A Picture Only A Big Bang Fan Will “Get”


In one of our favorite episodes of The Big Bang Theory, we learned that Bernadette had a hidden talent of ventriloquism as a child. Apparently, Melissa Rauch does as well. 

Melissa Rauch Takes Her Work Home With Her

Photo by @melissarauch via

Melissa Rauch demonstrated a unique talent. Apparently, the actress is skilled in ventriloquism, and she even took this stand-in doll home with her to practice.

Photo by @melissarauch via

Melissa posted this photo with the caption, “My husband secretly took this of me & the stand-in ventriloquist doll I took home to rehearse with for last night’s episode. Also, I was pretty sure I left it in its case, so I have zero idea how the ef that thing appeared next to me.” How bizarre? Lots of people find dolls to be creepy, but Melissa’s story pushes us over the edge. 

Melissa also posted this still from The Big Bang Theory episode with the doll named “Tammy Jo St Cloud.” The doll has an eerie resemblance to Bernadette and is dressed in a pink (princess) gown with fully curled blonde locks. Melissa said, “Just a coupla dummies from last night’s (Big Bang Theory) episode. 

What Ventriloquism?

For those who haven’t seen this episode of TBBT, you might be wondering why Melissa Rauch would need to know ventriloquism. 

Bernadette had been giving Howard a very hard time about his magic tricks and circus performance. She even made fun of his childhood dreams and said he should have been worried he’d die alone.

Of course the teasing was all in good fun, but Howard decided to get a little revenge. He went over to Bernadette’s mom’s house and asked about her childhood talents. Apparently, Bernadette needed a pageant talent “Other than spreading rumors that the other contestants were pregnant.”

She landed on being a ventriloquist and the rest is history. Bernadette’s mom even gave Howard the doll to bring home to Bernadette and surprise her with. 

Did you love Melissa Rauch’s ventriloquism on this week’s Big Bang?