One Moment Points To MAJOR Turn In Plot For Leonard And Penny… Are You Excited?


In latest The Big Bang Theory, Penny steps up to take care of Baby Halley. Both Howard and Bernadette are forced to stay in bed, and both Raj and Stuart are unavailable. In the end, Penny is called “Mama” which could mean significant changes for Leonard and Penny.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

At first, Howard and Bernadette are unsure if Penny is capable of watching their child. In fact, they even ask Amy to come over and check on her. While listening to the baby monitor, Bernadette hears something that makes her sad and angry.

Baby Halley said her first words, which were “Mama.” Unfortunately, she said these words to another woman.

Leonard And Penny May Have Baby News Because…

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So far this season, there’s been no indication that Leonard and Penny are making any big plans for their future. However, given that she’s called “Mama” and helping out with the baby, she may change her mind.

When Howard and Bernadette first found out they were having a baby, Penny quickly shot down the idea of both couples having a baby. Now, however, that idea might have changed for Penny.

There’s also another reason why Penny may be pregnant by the end of Season 11…

Kaley Cuoco Talks Children With Karl Cook

Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit Instagram

In real life, actress Kaley Cuoco has told some friends that she and boyfriend Karl Cook are already considering children. They have explicitly said they are trying yet, but it’s likely right around the corner.

The reason why Bernadette had a baby so quickly on television is that actress Melissa Rauch got pregnant in real life. Given that information, if Kaley Cuoco gets pregnant, the writers will also need to write Leonard and Penny as pregnant when she shows.

On television, having a baby is also a sign of growth. Howard and Bernadette were married, and now they’re expecting a second child. Amy and Sheldon are getting married, so perhaps they’ll consider kids next season.

This leaves us with Penny and Leonard, who seem content. But, if Penny wants a baby, we’re sure that Leonard will agree right away.

But, what will this mean for Raj who is still single and alone?