‘Drunk Penny’ Helps Leonard Discover THIS Truth, But Fans Wonder If It Means Divorce!?


Over the years, Penny and Leonard Hofstadter have broken up so many times that their friends decided to give them nicknames. The Comic-Con Dump-a-thon sounds a little harsh, but it makes us wonder if the happy couple will break up again.

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Now in Season 11, Leonard and Penny have been married for a few years. But with their friends also getting married and having children, we’re wondering if they’re at a stalemate in their relationship.

However, there’s something in “The Bitcoin Experiment” that gives us hope for their marriage, despite their contentment.

Leonard Hofstadter Talks Previous Break-ups

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While looking for bitcoin on a laptop, Howard, Leonard, and Raj found out that Penny had given away Leonard’s laptop. This ironically led to the discussion of their many breakups in the past.

However, when Leonard and Penny head over to see Zack, Leonard discovers the truth. In this flashback, Zack reminds the happy couple of a movie that Penny made for Leonard while she was drinking.

The video contains Penny talking to the camera about her future husband.

Flashback Proves Penny Loves Leonard 

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“That’s crazy,” said Zack. “She used to talk about you all the time while we were dating. In fact, I think she only dated me because I reminded her of you.” Leonard noted that they’re both people, but have no other commonalities.

This led to the video on the laptop. “Hello Leonard,” began a drunk Penny seven years earlier. “I feel I owe you a ‘splanation. I’m sorry. A ‘spla-na-tion.” Then Sheldon interrupts her.

People have often said that “drunk sayings are sober thoughts.” With that in mind, it’s clear that Penny has always loved Leonard. In her head, he just wasn’t the type of guy that she normally dated.

Despite their rocky past, we believe that Leonard and Penny will make it work. Also, while they seem content, they’re really just getting started. As Howard and Bernadette prepare for more children, Leonard and Penny will have to find their own way.

Do you think Leonard Hofstadter and Penny will make it last?