Mayim Bialik’s Struggle With Depression: What We Know


Mayim Bialik is once again opening up about her struggle with her mental disorder, specifically depression. She spoke candidly on camera about her constant battle and wants her younger self to know it will be okay.

Mayim’s Struggle

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Mayim Bialik isn’t afraid to admit she struggles with depression. The Big Bang Theory star really isn’t afraid to admit anything. She speaks candidly about all sorts of things online, whether it be parenting, beauty, modesty, religion, science, and yes- mental health.

Mayim took part in a campaign for the Child Mind’s Institute. The campaign has embraced the hashtag “my younger self,” and encourages adults to speak to their former selves. The point is to spread awareness of mental health in children and teens.

Mayim said, “I think what I would have liked to tell my younger self about my mental health is that there are answers. For me, some of those answers I had to wait years to find and I needed to get different help, which ended up being really the right kind of help.” 

Seeking Help Is Important

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Mayim wants younger sufferers of mental health disorders to know that they aren’t alone- and that they shouldn’t be alone. Many people with depression, anxiety, and other disorders are ashamed. Because of their fear or shame they avoid seeking the help they deserve, and desperately need. This creates a constant loop, and allows them to spiral without other’s there to catch them.

Mayim explained, “But I had this notion when I was younger that if something didn’t work once, or if a therapist didn’t work, or if a medication didn’t work, that nothing would ever work…’I wish I could have told my younger self that something will work — it’s just going to take sometimes more research, sometimes more referrals, and really figuring things out like your life depends on it, Because for me, it did.”

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