Mayim Bialik Talks Big Bang Theory and BOYS With Stephen Colbert


Stephen Colbert seems to always bring the best out of Mayim Bialik, and this past week was no exception. Here’s what the two CBS stars had to talk about- including Big Bang Theory, and Mayim’s new book.

Mayim Bialik Appears on Stephen Colbert

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Last week Mayim Bialik appeared on Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show. She talked all things Big Bang Theory, Mark Hamill, and Boying Up

Both Colbert and Bialik are major stars on CBS, and they seem to really hit it off well. Mayim’s interviews on the show are always entertaining, and hilarious. Colbert seems to really understand her, and he’s able to pull out some of her best material. 

Meeting Mark Hamill

The first thing Stephen was dying to know was how it was to meet Mark Hamill. The Late Show host let it drop that Mark Hamill actually officiated Amy and Sheldon’s wedding and that he himself is a major fan. Colbert said, “I’ve met the man once, we had him on the show once, and I could barely breathe.”

Colbert then showed the above Instagram of Mayim and Kaley Cuoco absolutely freaking out while meeting Mark Hamill. The caption read, “Literally what happened when [Kaley Cuoco] and I met [Mark Hamill.] Also I peed my pants. Kaley this picture is amazing lol…”

On the show, Mayim admitted, “It was a combination of crying and not breathing…that’s what it felt like inside all week…” Mayim also talked about how she solicited Hamill on the internet. She said, “I also have a website called Grok Nation, so I figured this was the perfect thing to write about… I wrote how freaked out how I was to meet someone that I never even want to meet, because he was so perfect in my mind…why would I need to meet him?… So I wrote about it for Grok Nation, and apparently Mark Hamill is on the internet a lot. And he saw it.”

Mayim explained that Hamill saw all of her posts about just how excited she was to meet him. The star thought it was all very amusing, and retweeted, posted, and commented on all of it. She said, “I was looking down at the ground, and he’s like ‘I just love that video you’re so natural and real,’ I’m like nothing is normal about this interaction.”

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