Mayim Bialik Had A MIGRAINE While Filming Sheldon And Amy’s Wedding


Mayim Bialik just revealed some juicy details about filming Sheldon and Amy’s wedding. Not only was she totally geeking out over the show’s impressive guest star line up, she also had a migraine while filming. Here’s what this power performer had to say about the experience.

Mayim Bialik’s Migraine

Mayim Bialik is as professional as it gets. If you watched Sheldon and Amy’s wedding last week, you were probably floored by the genuine love and passion that came through the screen. The actors seriously brought their A-game, and the entire event was orchestrated perfectly.

However, you might be even more floored to hear- Mayim Bialik had a migraine while filming. That’s right- she pressed through like a champion and completed this entire episode all with a piercing headache and nausea. 

Mayim explained, “Even though I’m an actor and I’m an extrovert, I’m really an introvert. So to have an episode all about my wedding…” She pointed out that there were lots of questions about the dress choice, and she felt pressure to look perfect. She then revealed, “I got a migraine on tape night. Nobody knew that, but now all of you know that. That was hard. It’s hard to work with a migraine when you feel like you have to throw up.” She says despite it being a daunting experience, it might have actually made her performance better. Mayim stated, “But I guess all that anxiety worked for Amy as she was preparing for her wedding… I don’t know.”

She says she’s over the moon happy for the viewers who waited to see this moment. “Love my job,” she stated, “Honestly, thrilled to be part of such an iconic relationship on television, and for our audience and millions of people to get to see this beautiful moment. But then again there’s a person in here who has to deal with all the technicalities like- neck sweat.”

She also revealed she wasn’t sure if Amy would go through with the wedding.

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