Mayim Bialik Gets Personal About Amy and Sheldon’s Wedding


Mayim Bialik is a true liaison between the behind the scenes action on Big Bang Theory‘s set and the TBBT fan base. She is willing to go there and answer questions about what goes into making our favorite comedy. Here’s what she had to say about Amy and Sheldon’s wedding- an event that both she and the fans have been waiting to see for years.

Amy and Sheldon’s Wedding

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Amy and Sheldon’s wedding aired last week, and fans have been running rampant trying to decipher what it all means. When Sheldon brought up children- was that foreshadowing for little Coopers to come? Did the writers purposefully downplay the ceremony? Should we expect to see the reception during the season 12 premiere?

Mayim Bialik doesn’t have answers about what’s to come. However, she does have some answers when it comes to what went on while filming such an iconic episode. Mayim admitted that she doesn’t like change but doing something new and exciting- like answering fan questions on her Youtube channel- was inspiring to her.

What Was it Like to Film?

When asked what filming Amy and Sheldon’s wedding was like, Mayim said, “We had like 18 guest stars. Mark Hamill just like roaming around eating tater tots. Cathy Bates just hanging out… it was surreal. We also had all of our favorite and beloved recurring guest stars on.”

There were plenty of guest stars in the season 11 finale. Jerry O’Connell debuted on TBBT as a grown up Georgie Cooper. Laurie Metcalf was back playing Sheldon’s mother, and Courtney Henggler returned as grown up Missy. 

Kathy Bates played Mayim’s overbearing and harsh mother. She had quite a few hilarious moments in the episode and the audience was given an aggravating glance into Amy’s childhood. Will Wheaton was also in attendance, as well as Lauren Lapkus, who is now playing a recurring guest star role as Denise. Denise and Stuart got rather cozy at the wedding- leading us to believe that there will be a plot revolving around their romance.

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