Mayim Bialik And Johnny Galecki Just… Kissed


Johnny Galecki And Mayim Bialik On Blossom

TBBT Cast | Photo Credit Conan

Johnny Galecki was once a guest on the show Blossom, which starred a young Mayim Bialik. Conan asked the gang behind The Big Bang Theory how this brief cameo came about.

“We were both fourteen,” confirmed Mayim Bialik. “We kissed,” confirmed the actress. “First stage kiss for us both,” said Johnny Galecki. 

“It might have been my first real-life kiss, too,” said Mayim Bialik.

Looking Back At Mayim Bialik’s Blossom

With perfect timing, actor Kunal Nayyar shouts “Do it again!” as if he’s a fan of the show. The cast has a good laugh at the joke. The actors who play Blossom and Leonard also blush at the comment.

“What kind of show is this?” asked Jim Parsons, as if he’s on Maury. Then, Conan pulls up a picture from the episode. A young Johnny Galecki is wearing a hideous red shirt as he makes his move on Blossom.

The two are sitting on a couch at a make-out party.

“Do It Again!” Shouts The Crowd

Bialik, Galecki | Photo Credit TBS

A moment later, the couple is at it again. After a quick cut, both of the actors are kissing on stage in front of a cheering crowd. This is much different than what we’ve seen in the series, The Big Bang Theory.

The two got pretty hot and heavy on the late night show, but on the series, Amy only has eyes for Sheldon. Now, the duo is about to get married on the series, which is something many thought would never happen.

In fact, Jim Parsons once said that if Sheldon were to get married, it would have something to do with a rating’s boost. In reality, it’s quite the opposite. Now, Parsons can understand how and why the relationship worked out.

Despite this young kiss from Johnny Galecki and Mayim Bialik, the duo never tried a relationship, but have remained friends for over 25 years and now work together again.

Did you watch Blossom when Johnny Galecki guest starred?