Mayim Bialik Sets The Record Straight On TBBT Farewell Rumors, It’s No Secret


Currently, The Big Bang Theory is in its 11th Season and the cast has signed on for Season 12 as well. Based on recent comments from the cast, it sounds like next year could be the farewell season. Actress Mayim Bialik said it would be nice to “do other things.”

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Last week, the actress best known as Amy Farrah Fowler (or Blossom) took home the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy. Amidst the celebration, various cast members addressed the potential end of the sitcom.

“We’re really proud of what we do,” said the actress. “We’re really honored to be nominated as a cast tonight.”

Mayim Bialik Talks Big Bang Farewell

Actress Mayim Bialik | Photo Credit YouTube

Mayim Bialik told the press, “We’re one of the only classic, four-camera sitcom shows that still really believes in what we do and the way we do it. Chuck [Lorre] loves and believes in a live studio audience and we do as well.”

The actress went on to discuss how The Big Bang Theory is holding onto the traditional live audience model while others shows have been changing for a decade now. Examples include The Office, Modern Family, or Parks and Rec.

She added, “I think everyone will be really happy to do other things in their life. We really do love what we do. Our work place is a fun place and like I said, to be doing old-school sitcom is pretty special for us.”

Actress-Author Focuses On Other Work

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When it comes to “other things,” Mayim Bialik already has her hands full. The rest of the cast is already locking down other television or film projects. But Bialik is likely to focus on being a mom, working as an author, and creating YouTube videos.

The actress is very vocal in her beliefs in parenting and about science for children. Over the years, she’s written various books. Some examples include Girling Up, Beyond the Sling, and a cookbook called Mayim’s Vegan Table, among others.

Through her nonfiction books, the author talks about parenting, being a role model for her children, and the joy of science.

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