THIS is why Mayim Bialik is STILL A Top Actress


For Mayim Bialik Her Success in Acting Comes from Home Values and Humility


Mayim is no stranger to television magic. Appearing in Blossom years ago, she’s always possessed the unique talents of an actor. Though for many, starting as a child actor and growing through the Hollywood process often leads to broken careers. So for Mayim, how has her success in acting done just that? Avoid catastrophe?

Flexible Outlook

Plenty young would-be superstars are told the sky is the limit for them. The expectation that they’re great and will always remain great is often a recipe for disaster.

For Mayim, her loving Jewish upbringing always carried the opposite thinking. A kind of tragic humor pervaded around her home life, and she was consistently reminded, despite how things are now, acting can end in a heartbeat.

For Mayim, this set up an excellent future precedent. She isn’t tied to the success of her acting. Obviously today, she’s incredibly happy for it. But Mayim never saw those early acting days as “it’s this or nothing at all.”

With her faith-based roots, and practical outlook is it any wonder Mayim chose…

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