(SPOILERS) The BIGGEST Blow-Up Of The Season May Happen In Episode 12…


Mary’s Reaction?

Mary Cooper
Mary Cooper talking to Penny in the laundry room by youtube.com

Episode 12 will premiere on January 5. We do know that the story of the episode focuses on the characters recounting their holiday adventures to one another. Sheldon and Amy visit Mary Cooper in Texas, seeing her for the first time since they began living together. How will Mary react to the news that Shamy now shares a bed (assuming they disclose this)?

The Devout Christian

Mary Cooper
Mrs. Cooper with her son and Leonard in Apartment 4A by pinterest.com

It is no secret that Sheldon comes from a mother who is a conservative Christian. She does not believe in evolution and states that she has her church group praying for Sheldon. Things she cannot explain are naturally attributed to Jesus. This includes “that science stuff” that Sheldon has.

Her religious convictions also do not permit living together, and most certainly not sleeping together, outside of marriage. Whether or not her other children follow this practice is unclear, but certainly she would never have expected to worry about it with Sheldon.

Let’s picture Sheldon and Amy sitting down with Mrs. Cooper and she asks how Amy’s apartment is coming along. Of course, she will still be under the impression that the couple are sleeping in bunk beds.

Assuming that the two disclose their living situation, we could expect Mrs. Cooper to become upset by her son overturning the Lord’s will. She could forbid it, and even grow to dislike Amy.

But on the other hand . . . .

A Loving Mother

Mary Cooper comforts her son as a loving mother by bigbangtheory.wikia.com

Mary Cooper is, of course, worried for the future of her son. Sheldon is special and she knows it. She may not like Sheldon’s science stuff, but she tolerates it and prays for him. Perhaps she will deal with Amy and Sheldon’s living situation in the same fashion. Deal with it and pray.

Or perhaps she will be happy for Sheldon and overlook his sin because it might be his only opportunity at a life with a female. A devout Christian woman like herself would no doubt expect her son to give her grandchildren, so she would want him to find love even at the expense of a little rule bending.


Mrs. Cooper, Sheldon, and Amy at dinner by gr.ign.co

While both possibilities seem plausible, strictly based on what we see of Mary Cooper’s character, I believe that the latter option is the most viable. Mary Cooper will see her son not necessarily as a sinning man, but as a boy who is taking a step into manhood.

For all Mrs. Cooper could see, Sheldon and Amy’s relationship had not progressed at all. But their updated living situation may be a sign to her that there might be something for Sheldon in his future after all.

What are your predictions?