The Biggest Question You’ve Had About Sheldon Cooper Since Season 1 Has Been Answered


Fans have always wondered why  Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper is the way he is. What makes him so quirky? Well, if there’s one thing Sheldon can’t stand, it’s not being able to finish something. Similar to Ben Affleck’s autistic character in The Accountant, if Sheldon can’t finish a thought, comment, or action, he starts to lose it.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

For example, every time he swings by to visit Penny, he’s forced to knock at least three times and say her name on each knock.

For Sheldon Cooper, this form of OCD makes him lose it often if he’s interrupted.

Sheldon Cooper Forced To Wait On Cliffhanger

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

In addition to the many Penny knocks, one of our favorite Sheldon Cooper anti-closure moments comes from the cancellation of Alphas. The Syfy series canceled before they had the chance to resolve a season cliffhanger.

It would be like Season 10 of The Big Bang Theory ending without letting us ever know what Amy said to Sheldon’s proposal. When Alphas was canceled, Sheldon decided to give the network a call.

Biting Your Tongue Ain’t Easy…

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In addition to the infamous Penny knock and the cancellation of Alphas, Sheldon Cooper also twitches every time someone interrupts him. This is also true when he’s forced to hold his tongue.

Back when Sheldon originally met the General from the Army, he was forced to stand behind him and keep his mouth shut. This meant ignoring the fact that the General approved engineers rather than physicists.

The General also associated the death star with Star Trek when it’s clearly from Star Wars. This was too much for Sheldon, who could no longer bite his tongue.

The problem with trying to keep in these thoughts is that Sheldon eventually explodes (sort of like the death star). Everyone knows it’s better to have a mild Sheldon than a heated Sheldon.

What’s your favorite Sheldon Cooper quirk?