A Main Character Won’t Return For Season 11; Will It Be Sheldon?


Speculation About a Main Character Leaving For Season 11 Is A Possibility.

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The other day I talked about the potential future of The Big Bang Theory post season 11. While the latter has already been confirmed, the future beyond it is still uncertain. Additionally, so too is the future of a main character for the next season.

Who Will It Be?

A lot has been going on in the lives of the TBBT. Primarily with Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons. If you recall, Kaley has expressed interest in starting a family. This could severely affect her ability to perform on the show.

However, she’s postponed such plans for season 11. So this leaves Jim.

The Show Wouldn’t Abandon Sheldon Would it?

The scary part is thus: Jim Parsons is getting quite busy. He has a handful of side projects going on. I recently wrote about another new show he’ll be co-producing, Lance 2.0. This is on top of his already plentiful plate. Between that, he also has Lakeside VA, The Terranauts, and The Monarchy is Going to Sh*t.

With four projects, with which he’ll help write and produce, he has a lot to do.

It’s Good And Bad.

Which is great! I’d love to see him stay busy and look forward to everything he produces. But this is the red flag: all those projects include his time on The Big Bang Theory.

I personally couldn’t juggle so much at once. That’s so many creative outlets to keep under control, each with their own focus, narrative, and style.

So here’s the grim reality: if speculation is true, in that a character won’t return for season 11, it’s very likely to be Jim Parsons. Failing that, limited appearances by him at least.

But Then Again.

Even as I type this, yesterday there were rumors of Kaley and Johnny Galecki having limited roles for seasons post 11. This would be because of Kaley’s aforementioned family reasons. As such, this creates a domino effect for Galecki’s character Leonard. Less Penny, less Leonard.

It could, in fact, be we’ll see less of these two, versus Jim.

However, just by going with practicality, it’s most likely Jim. Too many things going on at once will spread him thin. Unless his various sitcoms and projects flop, he may find himself lacking in time. When that happens, he has to make a big decision.

Does he continue working on a proven, ten-year-old amazing sitcom? Or finally, make a change after all these years and pursue new, creative projects?

We’ll have to wait for updates. Until then, what do you think? Jim set to leave or do you think another main character will split? Let us know!