THIS Is Why Amy And Sheldon Hold The Record For Most Watched Television Show Ever.

Amy smiles at Sheldon Cooper, her true love by

What is love? Love is when you see someone and you just feel drawn to them. It’s when you go on your first date and then go back to the apartment and have a nice tussle in the bed. And then the next day you want to do it all again because you love them!  This is how we see love on television. But this is not what Sheldon and Amy portray as love. Why do we love Shamy so much?

Breaking Records

Sheldon is about to deliver Amy's birthday present with 24 million people watching by
Sheldon is about to deliver Amy’s birthday present with 24 million people watching by

Many television shows believe jumping right to sex gives them better views. Amy and Sheldon disproved this theory. Their relationship lasted for over a year before they were officially dating. And it would be a long time yet before the first kiss or the special night on Amy’s birthday! When the couple finally did the dirty deed, they broke a television record!  There is something sweet and innocent in taking the slow and steady approach. It has helped build deeper meaning in the relationship for fans. But there is still more to our obsession with Shamy!

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