Leonard and Priya Should Have Never Happened!

By Miranda Moore | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-22

Leonard, Priya, The Big Bang Theory

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I’ll be honest. I don’t like Priya. I know she is Raj’s sister, but I wish the Leonard/Priya plot never happened. If you liked Leonard with Priya, that’s cool. No hard feelings. I just feel that Priya wasted his time, took time away from Penny who actually cared about Leonard, and I think Priya only dated Leonard to make her parents mad. But let’s look at some more dating history and come to our own conclusions, shall we?

When Leonard and Howard first met Priya they pinky swore not to hit on her, because she is Raj’s sister. However, it is soon revealed that Leonard had sex with her. They meet each other again in “The Irish Pub Formulation”, and officially start dating in “The Cohabitation Formulation.” But it doesn’t last because she moves back to India.

Several times throughout their time together, Priya avoids telling her parents that she is dating Leonard. This is a big issue with Leonard and causes arguments between the two. Priya is a bit stuck up and can be controlling. She objects to Leonard hanging out with his ex-girlfriend Penny, who realizes this situation and backs off. Later, when the gang is at the hospital when Howard’s mother becomes ill, Penny and Priya start to bond.

In the episode “The Good Guy Fluctuation”, Leonard ends up kissing Alice. He confesses to Priya, who is surprisingly okay with it. This confuses Leonard, and she tells him that she had sex with her ex-boyfriend a few weeks back. He then excuses himself and closes his laptop in disbelief. It is assumed that Leonard breaks up with her later, as in the next episode, he refers to himself as single.

Priya is also verbally abused by Penny, Bernadette and Amy. But she really deserves it because of her controlling nature in which she forces Leonard not to talk to Penny. Though Priya can’t voice her concerns to Penny herself. Penny is also secretly heartbroken and drinks a lot over Leonard’s relationship with Priya although she also hides this from Leonard.

Okay, yes, Leonard kissed Alice. But Priya had sex with her ex. That’s much worse. Not to mention, Leonard does regret his actions and confesses his mistake to Priya. Priya doesn’t confess a mistake she regrets, she straight up tells Leonard with no remorse and she probably only told him because Leonard felt guilty about kissing Alice. She probably would have kept it from him until she was done playing with him.

If Priya didn’t take her relationship with Leonard seriously, she should have told him they were just a fling from the get go. But she doesn’t, she just strings him along. She also tries to control him by prohibiting his friendship with Penny, who graciously backs off because she wants to see Leonard happy. Even though Penny is miserable throughout all this drama. In conclusion, I’m still on the “No Leonard and Priya side.” What side are you on?

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