Every Fan Is Asking THIS Question About The Future Of Leonard And Penny


“I guess it feels like everyone is moving forward and we’re stuck,” said Leonard Hofstadter on The Big Bang Theory. “We’ve been married for two years. Should we think about what’s next?” he asked. “Like buying a house or having a baby?”

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Penny’s response to “stay thin and have money” sounds a little selfish at first, but at least the two are finally having a conversation. With Sheldon and Amy getting married and Howard and Bernie having a second child, the two do seem stuck.

This all started when Leonard got a Christmas card from his brother.

Leonard Hofstadter Is Unsure Of His Bliss

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Leonard couldn’t think of a “brag list” to write up a Christmas Card Newsletter, which got him down in the dumps. Essentially, all the two could think was that they’re both still employed and still married.

If Penny isn’t ready to start looking for a house or start thinking about kids, then what is she ready to do? Eventually, her decision comes down to planning a trip together in the near future.

Again, it sounds small, but it’s a start.

Hofstadters (Finally) Talking About The Future

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“There’s something for your letter: considered going on a trip,” said Penny. Leonard then suggested they take a day-trip to Catalina, which is off the coast of California and not too far from their home.

Fans of the show are still hoping there is a lot more to come from this happy couple. More than likely, the series is going to come to an end by the end of the twelfth season, so we’re definitely looking forward to more talk like this from the Hofstadters.

The closest parallel to The Big Bang Theory is likely the sitcom, Friends. With that in mind, it’s possible that the show could end the same way. Many of the couples will get married, some will have children, and others will move away.

For Penny and Leonard Hofstadter, we’d like to see them decide to have a baby, start looking at homes, and be proud of the life they’ve built.

Do you think we’ll see a pregnant Penny by the end of this season?