How To Play Sheldon’s Mom 101: Laurie Metcalf To Zoe Perry


So many little girls dream of growing up to be just like their mother. Others fear one day turning into her. Zoe Perry, however, has a unique experience. She gets to play her mother on television for a living.

Laurie Metcalf’s Advice For Zoe Perry

Zoe Perry was thrilled to be cast as the mother of Young Sheldon. She was more attached to the role the other actresses auditioning- her mother had originated it. Yes, you read that right. Laurie Metcalf is Zoe Perry’s mother and Zoe Perry plays a younger version of Laurie’s Mary Cooper on Young Sheldon. Talk about filling the family shoes.

Zoe said her mother had some pretty simple advice when it came to playing Sheldon Cooper’s mom. Zoe explained, “Her really great advice was just that you know the comedy’s there obviously. Chuck and Steve are so brilliant with that. She said you know, as long as you ground it in reality you’re golden. So that’s kind of been the aim from day one.”

It was actually Laurie’s idea that Zoe audition for the part to begin with. Mothers are always pushing their daughters to succeed but this time things were personal. Zoe recalled, “My mom said, ‘You better go in for this.’ It was an exciting and surreal turn of events.”

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