THIS Is The Amazing Reason Why The Big Bang Theory Will Never Show Baby Halley Wolowitz


“Howard, what’s going on? Are you boys roughhousing?” yelled Mrs. Wolowitz in a recent flashback episode. During the latest The Big Bang Theory, the writers play homage to seven years ago, while also reviving Mrs. Wolowitz.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“We’re not roughhousing!” screamed Howard Wolowitz to his mother. “We’re scientists. Scientists don’t roughhouse.” A moment later, she offers the boys some cookies and they quickly jump on the treat as if they were kids.

Ironically, when we get to present day, Bernadette is yelling from the other room, through the baby monitor.

The Big Bang Theory Highlights Deceased Character

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Actress Carol Ann Susi passed away in real life, so the writers behind The Big Bang Theory decided to also have her character die on the show. In many ways, they still pay homage to the iconic screaming character.

For several years, Mrs. Wolowitz was a punch line for her son. The two lived together for Howard’s entire life, since his father let them both. He often made fun of her weight, which gave them an excuse never to show the actress onscreen.

With that in mind, they now pay tribute by never showing Baby Halley Wolowitz, plus Bernadette is like a new version of Mrs. Wolowitz.

Is Bernie Turning Into Mrs. Wolowitz?

Halleys-first-wordWhile Bernadette Wolowitz is not just like Howard’s mother, she certainly shares some of the same traits. Above all else, the two are always known for how they yell at Howard from other rooms.

In addition, Bernadette is often known for her temper. Back when Howard and Sheldon had a parking spot beef, the argument quickly carried over to Amy and Bernadette, where Bernie actually had Amy’s car towed.

Whether or not Howard and Bernadette have the healthiest relationships, she’s definitely what he needs. Without Bernie, Howard would likely still be out there hitting on women and getting shot down in bars.

Instead, he’s happily married with a second child on the way. Hopefully, Bernie won’t completely turn into Mrs. Wolowitz, but we love to see the jokes and parallels between the two powerful women.

Did you notice this homage in the latest The Big Bang Theory?