You’ll Never Believe The Ironic Way Kunal Nayyar (Raj) Met The Queen Of England


“So Mr. Fancy Pants here has just met the Queen,” said Ellen on her show. Across from the host, Kunal Nayyar sat in a casual suit, tee, and white sneakers. Ironically, this all started with an email.

‘I immediately thought it was one of my friends playing a prank on me,” said Kunal Nayyar. The actor said his friends are always playing pranks like this, so he was hesitant to believe this email was from the Royal family.

After the casual email, an official invitation came in the mail.

Kunal Nayyar Got Invited To Meet The Queen

“The Master of the Household has received Her Majesty’s command to invite Mr. Kunal Nayyar and Mrs. Neha Kaput to a Reception to be given at Buckingham Palace by the Queen,” said the letter.

The actor said they flew to London and he tried to play it off as casual, but he was super nervous. “The front of the palace is actually a façade. You drive through that façade, then there’s another courtyard, and then you see the actual entrance.”

They did some press and then a gentleman took them up to meet the Queen.

“The Worst Panic Attack Of My Life…”

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

In terms of etiquette, they walked Kunal Nayyar and his wife through the process of meeting the Queen. At first, it’s vital to call her “Your Majesty,” but then you can call her the more casual, “Maim.”

Then, you wait for the Queen to reach her hand out first before you can shake her hand to introduce yourself. At this point, they added that it’s also okay to bow or curtsey, which confused the actor.

“As soon as she enters, I begin to have the worst panic attack of my life,” said Kunal Nayyar. After arguing with himself on whether or not he might faint, he looked up and the Queen was in front of him.

Surprisingly, she said “Nice to see you again,” so she may not have recognized him after all the commotion as they had never met before. “Princess Kate told my wife she’s beautiful…but she didn’t say anything to me,” joked Nayyar.

What would you do if you got the chance to meet the Queen?