The Title Of Kunal Nayyar’s New Book Is HILARIOUS (And Informative)


“People think that I’m not Indian or that I’m faking [my accent], or because I was born in London, they think that I’m British,” said Kunal Nayyar. While visiting CBS This Morning, The Big Bang Theory star spoke about his new book.

Kunal Nayyar | Photo Credit CBS

“I though I would tell my story. I’m actually from India,” said Kunal Nayyar about the book. In Yes, My Accent Is Real: And Some Other Things I Haven’t Told You, the sitcom star revealed some secrets about his inspiring life.

“They think I’m smart in real life, but unfortunately that’s not the case,” he joked.

Kunal Nayyar Talks School, America, And Girls

Kunal Nayyar went to school in Portland, Oregon. While studying business, he stopped by the theater. Ironically, he joined the theater to meet girls. However, he found more of a community then he could have expected.

The book was written in essay format. In one section, he wrote about how he thought American college was going to be like the movie, American Pie. When he got there, however, “It obviously wasn’t.”

He was also surprised about dating in the U.S. In India, there’s more of a formality that doesn’t exist in the states.

Misconceptions, Love, And An Indian Wedding

Kunal Nayyar | Photo Credit CBS

“Girls that were friends of mine would put their arm around me, [and I would think], ‘Oh, my god, she’s my girlfriend,’” said the actor. So, if he were to try and make a move, they would say, “You’re like my brother.”

Ironically, the actor also learned how to kiss by watching The Wonder Years. A few decades later, the actress who plays Winnie Cooper actually appeared on The Big Bang Theory and Kunal Nayyar actually kissed her.

“India is not a nation of cool, it’s known for mathematics, engineering, and spicy food,” said Kunal Nayyar. “We’re not known for wearing a thong in Rio. South Americans are so cool. The French have the accents. But now, Indians have become cool. We were the original hipsters,” he added.

The actor also wrote an essay about his wedding. “Liberace would have worn it,” he said about his attire. As part of the culture, he and his wife had a six-day wedding back in India with their families.

Have you read this new book from Kunal Nayyar?