Kevin Sussman Was Almost Cast As THIS Character Before Stuart Bloom


Kevin Sussman Career Before The Big Bang

Kevin Sussman | Photo Credit Ugly Betty

Actor Kevin Sussman has an interesting career. While he’s often cast in a “nerd” type of role, he’s been acting professionally since 1998. He began by working on a series of television shows and small parts in major films.

Some notable roles include work on The Sopranos, Almost Famous, Wet Hot American Summer, A.I., ER, Hitch, and then he landed a reoccurring role as Walter on the series, Ugly Betty.

Thanks to these many roles, he didn’t need to audition for The Big Bang Theory.

Deciding Who To Play Barry Kripke

John Ross Bowie | Photo Credit No Cookie

Kevin Sussman was initially invited to play the role of Kripke, which later went to John Ross Bowie. This role didn’t work out due to scheduling issues, so Kevin Sussman then agreed to play the role of Stuart Bloom, comic book shop owner.

Sussman never thought he would be on a show that lasted a decade, but he enjoyed the role. He had worked as an assistant manager at a comic book shop in New York while in college.

“Their motto was ‘Where Art Meets Literature,’ and it was probably the most fun job I had outside of working in the ‘fake’ store on the show,” said Sussman.

More DC Than Marvel On TBBT

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Another insider fact is that comic book shop is real. “They keep it stocked with recent comics so when I work, I’ll browse the new stuff,” said Sussman, who is also obsessed with board games.

The comics on screen, however, are always DC and never Marvel, because DC is a subsidiary of Warner Brothers. This is also likely why the cast dressed as the Justice League (DC) rather than the Avengers (Marvel).

Generally speaking, however, they still show love to Marvel from time to time. Raj once dressed up as Thor, and Marvel creator Stan Lee has been on the show before. There is also a DC comic book plaque up in Leonard’s kitchen as well.

Can you picture Kevin Sussman as Kripke and not Stuart?