You’ll Never Guess The Absurd Role Kaley Cuoco Plays In The Comedy “Why Him?”


“Ned, I’m love some guy-time with you,” said Laird Mayhew, played by James Franco in a kimono-like outfit. In the outrageous film, Why Him?, Franco and Bryan Cranston play future in-laws, where Kaley Cuoco acts like a personal Siri.

“Justine, will you set an alarm for 6:30am?” asked Franco’s character. “You got it, Laird,” said Justine. Fans of The Big Bang Theory quickly recognized an unmistakable Kaley Cuoco in this digital, Siri/Alexa like format.

“That’s Justine. She’s like Siri, but awesome,” said Laird. “I got that chick from The Big Bang Theory—Kaley Cuoco—to do the voice.”

Kaley Cuoco Appears In Absurd Comedy, Why Him?

Essentially, this is the newest version of Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, written for the millennial generation. Instead of talking about race issues, the film talks about radical social norms, specifically from Silicon Valley.

In the film, Stanford senior Stephanie (Zoey Deutch) invited her tight-knit parents to spend Christmas with her tech boyfriend, Laird, in California. They’re not expecting to meet a millionaire (or anything else Laird has to offer).

Ironically, the first time they met the boyfriend, he showed up unexpectedly on a video-chat completely nude.

Contemporary California And All The Quirks

James Franco | Photo Credit Why Him?

The contemporary California setup involves a lot of tech culture. There’s electronic Japanese toilets, a focus on yoga, lawn-to-table cuisine, super-pretentious art, and a personalized Justine, portrayed by Kaley Cuoco.

The joke in the film is that he paid the star to come by and pair with the system. That way, he could talk to Justine while it sounds like Cuoco. In reality, this would involve Cuoco making every sound in the English language so the system could organize them to make words and sentences.

Clearly, this was just a joke for the film since she sounded completely normal, where Siri or Alexa are more robotic. In the end, the humor comes from the juxtaposition. Eventually, Barb (Megan Mullally) learns to vape and twerk, which makes Ned feel like he’s losing his family.

The bulk of the film focuses on the dad and the new boyfriend, skipping over Stephanie for the most part. This film is rated R and available for download.

Have you seen the absurd comedy, Why Him? Did you recognize Kaley Cuoco before Laird spilled the beans?