Kaley Cuoco Talks About Her Relationship With Johnny Galecki


Penny And Kaley Cuoco Relationships

Kaley Cuoco, Karl Cook | Photo Credit People

Both Kaley Cuoco and her character Penny have had several boyfriends over the years. In real life, the actress has just went through a divorce with Ryan Sweeting and is already serious with Karl Cook.

On television, Penny had dozens of boyfriends before Leonard. She mostly dated jocks that didn’t treat her well before she gave Leonard a chance. Now the couple is content with their relationship.

Actor Johnny Galecki has experienced dating Kaley Cuoco in real life and on television.

Dating To Later Become Friends

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Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco dated for two years in real life. The actress has said this helped their friendship on the show. “We dated, so we know each other quite well,” said the actress.

“He’s one of my best friends. I don’t even know how to describe it. Into an 11-year relationship, he’s one of the closest people I’ve ever worked with, for sure. We know each other really well. We call each other a tag team so we’re always doing stuff together and going in on stuff together. He’s been a great support for a long time.”

Thanks to this relationship, Penny and Leonard’s relationship on television works and fans love to see the couple together.

Leonard And Penny In Season 11

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With Season 11 up and running, it’s unclear what’s next for Leonard and Penny. Sheldon and Amy are about to get married and Howard and Bernadette are already working on having a second child.

In the premiere episode, Leonard and Penny seemed content where they are. It was clear that neither are quite ready to have a baby on their own. There was, however, a moment when they forget their anniversary.

Hopefully these jokes on the show do not mean trouble for their future. Forgetting an anniversary or feeling stuck in a plateaued relationship could mean trouble for the duo. Then again, maybe this is just the first time Penny hasn’t had to deal with drama. Maybe she likes things calm for now.

Do you think Penny and Leonard’s marriage is safe?