Kaley Cuoco Meets Boyfriend, Valentine’s Day

Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit Instagram

Several members of the paparazzi have caught Karl Cook and actress Kaley Cuoco together. But Cuoco is equally likely to share her own photos of the happy couple. In a recent interview, the actress revealed how the couple met and their plans for the future.

Cook is a professional equestrian and Cuoco loves to ride horses during her free time. At a Valentine’s Day horse show, Cook rode up to Cuoco on a motorized bike with a bottle of champagne and asked Cuoco to dinner.

“And my friends and I are like, ‘Oh my God, it’s Karl Cook’ – ‘cause in the riding world, this guy’s a big deal,” she said.

Taking Things Slow(er) With Cook

Kaley Cuoco, Karl Cook | Photo Credit Instagram

Kaley Cuoco is taking things slow with Karl Cook, after her short marriage with professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting, which ended after 21 months of marriage, back in 2013.

Fox News reports, “[S]he sees a life for both of them touring the country and training to become a Grand Prix rider. As for acting, she confessed that she wants to pursue more dramatic roles, but she could also walk away from it entirely and live the horse life.”

“I will keep my toe in it, for sure,” she said. “But I would love to travel the world with my boyfriend and show horses.”

Kaley Cuoco’s Future On TBBT

Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit Instagram

As for her career, Kaley Cuoco has signed on for two more seasons of The Big Bang Theory where she’s raking in around $900,000 per episode, plus residuals on all of the reruns that air on other channels.

Cuoco has said she never thought the show would last ten years, which is very impressive for any television show. She’s said she hopes they end on a high note rather than taking the show beyond their welcome with audiences.

For Season 11, Penny and Leonard haven’t gotten as much press, but it’s possible they’ll be discussing a baby by the end of this season. The big news is focusing on Sheldon’s proposal to Amy and it’s also possible Bernadette and Howard will be working on another child as well.

Are you excited for the return of The Big Bang Theory?

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